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How to configure your privacy and security settings

For over a ten years I have been experimenting and learning about openness, sharing and promotion. Now I am researching about security and privacy so that I can continue to use everything that I like. Technology is changing so fast and you can easily miss news like this:  Google Changed a Major Privacy Policy Four Months Ago, and No One Really NoticedAn 'elite group' of 5 Facebook executives can override what content gets censored
Let me share some ideas about how to configure your privacy and security settings having in mind that this should be the part of our basic culture from now on. 

General If you want to check permissions for recordings of your browsing history and location data, or to change security settings, easiest way to do it is by using your Android 6.0 mobile phone: Settings > Google. You can also use browser and this link for older versions of Android, iOS and more convenient access: You will be amazed to see some of the d…