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Do mene je stigao info o Kefirku, proizvodu za laku pripremu kefira u kućnim uslovima. Ovaj napitak i sam rado pijem, a ceo život ga je koristio moj deda koji je doživeo 92 godine. 

KEFIRKO enables you easier preparation of traditional kefir.

Kefir is a traditional fermented beverage with numerous health benefits: but to get the best of it, it has to be fresh – and for this do-it-yourself preparation is the best. Those of you who already know kefir will probably agree that this is a very refreshing, tasty and also healthy beverage.

Kefir making requires specific preparation. KEFIRKO is a specifically designed glass jar with two different purpose-specific lids which enables easier kefir-making at home. Put the kefir grains in the liquid of your choice and allow the content to ferment for 24 hours. After that, the grains should be separated from the freshly made kefir. KEFIRKO enables optimal fermentation conditions and simplifies the procedure of separating the grains from the kefir at the same time.

Kefirko set
Kefirko set
KEFIRKO is designed so that every element has a functional purpose, and thus the preparation of kefir is made as simple as possible. Also, the materials used do not react with the contents so the kefir can preserve its unique taste and freshness.

The top lid for the KEFIRKO jar enables the airflow needed in kefir-making, and is also useful for preventing impurities from entering the jar. A measuring cup for the grains needed to prepare a new batch of kefir is integrated in the top lid. The top lid can also be used as a coaster to keep your kitchen tidy.

Integrated in the strainer lid is a sieve designed with having in mind the thickness of kefir and the size of grains, making the separation of the grains from the kefir very simple – by just pouring the kefir out. Pouring of the kefir into a glass is made easier thanks to a special shape of the outer rim.

The concave form of the glass jar provides for comfortable handling. The tactile markings on the outside of the jar indicate the levels for the preparation of kefir for one or two servings.

How to prepare kefir using Kefirko?
How to prepare kefir using Kefirko?
Both milk and water kefir require kefir grains. For water kefir crystal grains are used, but the basic production principle remains the same.

Making kefir by yourself gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the richness and health benefits of the beverage. Since no preservatives are added, you have better control over the quality of your kefir. Compared to the kefir you can buy in stores, the homemade beverage contains a much higher degree of kefir-specific active substances which are important for your health.

Using Kefirko at home
Using Kefirko at home

Several studies have confirmed the medicinal properties of kefir: it is rich in vitamin B, contains folic acid, easily digested proteins, good bacteria helping your digestion, antimicrobial strains of lactobacilli, etc. Besides its numerous benefits to the gastrointestinal system, other positive effects of kefir have also been accounted for: preventing and treating cancer, lowering the blood pressure, healing the skin after severe burns, and helping people with allergies (and, yes, it can be also consumed by the lactose intolerant).

Active cultures, that is the kefir grains, are constantly growing and multiplying, and it is common practice to share your extras with others. To help you with sharing we set up the KEFIRHOOD.COM portal, based on the SHARING IS CARING principle, where you can share your extras or obtain fresh grains. You can also share or obtain kefir grains through various social networks where people connect for this purpose.

Kefir grains are living organisms which – just like you – need food to live. But don’t worry. Even the more mobile among you can preserve the grains. During shorter or longer periods of absence, the grains can be stored in a cold place, which will slow down their activity.

Kefirko video

While the whiteness of freshly made kefir associates with health and inner peace, an active lifestyle is full of dynamics and vivid colours. This goes hand in hand with the preparation of your own kefir: just pick the KEFIRKO in the colour you like most – so that other members of your household will know that this KEFIRKO is yours and yours only.

Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/353596452/kefirko-home-made-probiotic

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