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Location: Nis
URL: http://www.troxo.com


We are hiring blogger!

After some time, we decided to hire full time blogger. We want to be closer to our customers and update them daily on what is going on within Troxo. Here is ad that we are running on various sites:

Troxo (http://www.troxo.com) is looking for technology and/or lifestyle blogger to create content of our company blog. This could include discussion of company internals, company products and services, news, reviews, but not limited to it, based on management priorities, policy directions, and goals. Of course, we will not limit your creativity.

We expect that you have basic experience in blogging (or journalism), knowledge of relevant fields (especially Internet and technologies) and excellent writing style.

Nice to have: SEO, blog promoting and marketing, blog design, link building, bookmarking and social networking.

Position is based in Niš, Serbia. We offer great flexibility, very good work environment and interesting topics to cover.
Compensation based on experience and skills.

About Troxo
Troxo (http://www.troxo.com) is a software development company, found 2001, with 30 employees based in Niš, Serbia. Mainly, we are developing applications for hosting industry and web 2.0 companies. Software produced by Troxo is used by over 500,000 people.

Please send you application (with examples or references) to info@troxo.com

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