Noc cudnih susreta

Evo kakva je atmosfera bila na splavu na kome smo zavrsili pre neko vece u 4 ujutru. Uspomena mojih drugarica.


  1. i love some of the photos posted at your blog... however, i cannot understand a word of your language...
    have you made them all by yourself...? let me know,

  2. Hi M,

    I am glad that you liked the photos :) Thank you!

    All of them are made by me, except those that are logos representing some organizations and their exhibitions and so on...
    Have you browsed though all posts? You have a lot of photos from hiking, mountaineering, life of Belgrade…?
    I can refer you to some galleries.

    How did you found my blog since you are not speaking serbian?

    I have seen on your blog that we have a lot of similar interests 
    Tell me more about you.
    Do you like photography?
    Can I see some of your works?

    I wish you a creative day, and good people.
    All the best,

  3. P.S. Some of them are taken by camera on my mobile phone, and some by real digital camera. ;)


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