The Future of Web Apps

The Future of Web Apps: One-day conference focusing on the
development technology you'll be using tomorrow (London, Wednesday
09 February, 2006)

(Please note: I'm not involved in organising this conference so
please see the link at the bottom if you want further details.)

This one-day conference brings together those pioneers in the web
development industry who are setting the agenda for tomorrow's apps.
They will be discussing how Web 2.0 technologies are changing the
way we interact and how you can use these to build powerful, next
generation tools. So whether you're a business owner, developer or
entrepreneur this day will help you choose the right technology for
your next web-based application.

Why Tagging is Crucial to your Web App
Joshua Schachter - Delicious

Ajax - How to Give Users the Rich Interactivity They Want
Eric Costello - Flickr

Designing Web 2.0-native Products for Fun and Profit
Tom Coates - Yahoo!

Happy Programming and Sustainable Productivity with Ruby on Rails
David Heinemeier Hansson - 37signals

10 Reasons Why You Need to Build an API
Shaun Inman - Mint

Andrew Shorten - Adobe

How to Build an Enterprise Web App on a Budget
Ryan Carson - DropSend

Google Labs
Steven Crossan & Douwe Osinga - Google

Panel Discussion

Full details at http://www.carsonworkshops.com/summit/

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