International Science Conference: Darwin and Design - A Challenge for 21st Century, Prague

Darwin and Design: A Challenge for 21st Century
Prague Congress Center, Prague, Czech Republic, October 22, 2005

Since the time of Darwin, scholars have resisted design in nature, but
throughout the twentieth century new discoveries have forced a reappraisal and revived an interest in design.

The aim of this international science conference is to review evidence for intelligent design, drawing upon results in astronomy, physics, mathematics, biochemistry, biology, genetics, and paleontology.

It's time for a new look. Early registration for both students and adults is September 15.

Further Information and Registration: http://www.darwinanddesign.org/
Registration Information: http://www.darwinanddesign.org/page_01.htm
Partial Scholarships: http://www.darwinanddesign.org/scholar.htm

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