European Commission DG Education and Culture - Tempus III

European Commission DG Education and Culture - Tempus III
Application deadline: October 15, 2005

The Tempus III programme (2000-2006) is the trans- European Union programme for co-operation in higher education in the Western Balkans, the Partner States of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the Mediterannean Partner countries. The programme supports the process of transformation to market economies and democratic societies in line with the objectives of overall EU co-operation with these countries. Tempus aims to contribute to the development of the higher education systems in the partner countries and their interaction with civil society and industry.
The Tempus programme has developed three main instruments:
1. Joint European projects (JEP) - supports groups of higher education institutions co-operating together ('consortia') over two or three year periods to achieve set objectives. The overall aim of these projects is to restructure and modernise higher education systems and their role in society. Consortia may include universities and also non-academic partners such as companies, public and private business organisations, professional associations, public authorities at local, regional and national level or social partners. Three types of JEPs have been developed:
· Curriculum Development projects
· University Management projects
· Training Courses for Institution building
2. Structural and Complementary Measures (SCM) - provide a framework for short-term responses to particular needs that partner countries must have clearly defined as their priorities. The types of projects which have been developed are:
· Information and dissemination projects
· Training projects
· Pilot projects
3. Individual Mobility Grants (IMG) - provide professors, lecturers, members of staff of higher-education institutes and ministry officials the opportunity to travel to other countries for work, related to the objectives of the Tempus programme. Types of eligible visits are:
· Preparation of a JEP proposal
· Participation in a specific event
· Study period / collaboration on a specific academic subject / dissemination of good practices
The eligible countries under the Tempus III Programme are:
· 25 Member States of the European Union
· Partner States of Eastern Europe and Central Asia or TACIS partners: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan
· Western Balkans or CARDS partners: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro
· Mediterranean countries or MEDA partners: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria and Lebanon and Israel on a self-supporting basis.
· Institutions from the following countries may participate but on self-financing basis:
- the Candidate countries : Bulgaria and Romania and Turkey
- countries belonging to the G24 Group: Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland , the United States of America.
· JEP: 15 December 2005
· SCM:15 October 2005 ; 15 February 2006
· IMG: 15 October 2005; 15 February 2006,
Contact the Tempus National Agency in your country for further information: http://www.etf.eu.int/tempus.nsf/Pages/Helpdesk_Local+Contact+Details?OpenDocument
More information:
Website: http://www.etf.eu.int/Tempus.nsf/Pages/Apply for Tempus?OpenDocument
E-mail: tempus@cec.eu.int

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