East European Design Exibition

East European Design Exhibition, Italian Design Agency, 2006

What does design from East European countries look like? Does
something like a specific eastern European design exist at all? Which
are the roots of design in eastern Europe - [how] did the fall of the
Iron Curtain alter the way of designing there? Which are the new
currents and who is forming them?

The Italian Design Agency, an international cultural marketing and
organisational body working in the field of design and based in Milan,
Italy, is calling on designers from East European countries to
participate in an exhibition project scheduled for opening in 2006, to
be shown at major museums around the world. Our currently running
exhibitions include: Italian Design on Tour and Italian Classic Design
The exhibition will be built around [b]two main parts[/b]:

1)[i] The best works in contemporary design from 1989 until now - an
exposition of objects and prototypes from Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria,
Croatia, Czech, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Poland,
Romania, Serbia/Montenegro,  Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine [/i]  2)
[i]The history of 20th century design in the above mentioned areas,
researched in cooperation with design experts from each country, as
the collection's didactical background, in graphic form. [/i]

For more info on the call for entries: http://www.design-for-all.org/
Submission deadline is September 30th, 2005.

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